Apple yesterday announced the new iOS 7 which is the first major redesign of the iOS environment. Ever since the first iPhone, iOS hasn’t really changed that much on its UI. But this time Apple decided to swing their way to a new look, ala Windows Phone 8 and Android.

This is the new iOS as what we have expected due to rumors, but no one really had a look until a day before Apple WWDC. It’s Johny Ive’s reimagined iOS — bringing some long overdue features and slightly cleaner user interface. Tons of concept videos have been made, but now here goes the real thing.

Back in 2007 when it’s first unveiled, it has been the most sought after mobile operating system by many mainly because of its simplistic yet beautiful environment. But ever since the growth of Android, Windows Phone, and other operating systems, they’ve faced a tough competition which they can’t just ignore. So here we are, with a completely redesigned iOS 7. Here are the top five features that made it to the new version of Apple’s iOS.

Air Drop


Users can now easily share multimedia contents such as photos and videos with someone that has a compatible handset or tablet. Previously available on Mac, Air Drop is now available for iOS users too to bring an alternative to iMessage. There is a new share button which you can use to send a document on either Bluetooth or WiFi.

Control Center


It’s been one of the most requested features to be included in the update, and the loyal fans were not disappointed. You can now easily access the settings anywhere you are in the handset by just simply swiping app from the bottom. Now, you can reach the turn on/off settings of WiFi, Airplane mode, brightness, music player, volume, Air Drop, and more.

Notification Center


Another new thing is the revamped notifications center. It’s most likely a complete overhaul and that’s exactly a good thing. Managing messages, emails, and other notifications has never been better. There are three tabs on top namely: Today, All, and Missed — which shows all the things you need to look at in a single glance. In the today tab, it displays the weather and calendar information  and what’s coming up tomorrow.

iTunes Radio


Finally, the stream of rumors that revolved around Apple’s music streaming service has come to an end. We all saw this coming anyway and it’s only a matter of time before they baked it in the iTunes ecosystem. It will initially be having over 200 genre-focused radio stations and is expected to grow in the coming months.

Revamped Multitasking


Apple also reimagined their multitasking feature — something that looks like a rip off of Windows Phone 8’s multitasking. Apple called it as a “smarter” way to multitask — instead of having small icons tray at the bottom of the screen — they are now filled with cards (apps) which you can easily swipe away. Multitasking will also auto update the apps depending on how often you use them.

Here’s a full feature breakdown video courtesy of Redmond Pie.


Overall, I think that iOS 7 is heading to the right direction and it’s a refreshing look for those who have been with them throughout the years. Some say that it resembles the Android and Windows Phone 8 UI, but at some point it does have its similarities.

iOS 7 Beta is now available and interested users with a compatible Apple device can install it. The update will be compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4 / 4S, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad mini and the latest iPod touch.

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  1. and to think apple sued samsung for galaxy phones’ physical shape..hay nako..if it is from ios to android, it is called stealing..if it is from android to ios, it is called “re-inventing”..

  2. sus very particular sila when it comes to patent features/styles pero look who’s munching their own words. apple is such a big H

      1. bitter ba? YES nka try na ako ng iphone 4, 4s & 5. not to be rude but, im not impressed as YOU are on its capabilities and that very limited lng pde mong gawin sa handset mo. nice try apple fan boy

  3. Parang Android lang o…..O.o

    Sana kinopya na lang yung Apex launcher para masaya…adjustable icon size/rows…adjustable number of pages etc, hehe …nahihiya pa kasi sila eh…

    1. As if nkgmit k n ng iPhone…. Mga reaksyon nyo sobra… Try to use an iPhone first ska k mg-react. High-end Android or Windows Phone 8 b cellphone mo?? Bka nman feature phone lng gmit mo?? or midrange phone wla k.. hahaha… I was joking… Stop bashing and trolling about the new IOS7. I’ve been a user of iPhone for 3 years… Now i have an Iphone5 plus Samsung Galaxy S4.. Now, if you have questions… let me know. Peace!!! :) FYI… later on im going to update my iP5 to IOS7…. and currently enjoying my S4…. IT ROCKS!!!!!

      1. Nag post ka lang ba para ipag-mayabang mo ang S4 mo at iPhone 5??? at sa tingin mo ba mai-impress ako? :-o