The foldable smartphone market continued its growth in 2022, with several brands vying for market share. As more consumers become interested in these innovative devices, the market is expected to see increased competition from manufacturers.

In 2022, the global shipment of foldable smartphones reached a record of 14.2 million units, according to Canalys. Out of these, Samsung shipped more than 11 million units.

As the trend of remote work continues to rise, foldable smartphones are gaining popularity among professionals. Samsung reported a significant increase in sales of their foldable smartphones to enterprise customers, with a 105% year-over-year increase from January to October 2022.

Chinese smartphone manufacturers are introducing their foldable devices in the international market, such as the United States and Europe, to compete with Samsung.


Huawei became the second largest vendor in the global foldable phone market in 2022 with a shipment of approximately 2 million units. Xiaomi, OPPO, vivo, and HONOR were among other Chinese OEMs that made it to the list. Motorola’s Moto Razr, on the other hand, had a worldwide shipment of around 40,000 units.

While foldable smartphones are still a relatively new technology, they offer a unique experience that cannot be found with traditional smartphones. It will be interesting to see how this market develops, and what new innovations and designs will be introduced to improve the user experience this 2023.

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