Do you want to root your MyPhone A618 TV Duo? If yes, then go ahead and read our rooting tutorial in rooting MyPhone A618. It is very easy and it will just require a few steps. However, as always, we will not take any liability if ever something goes wrong during the process. Rooting is not for the faint hearted so think about it over and over again before deciding to continue.

DISCLAIMER: NoypiGeeks will not be responsible for any damage that may possibly occur to your device in any part of the process although it is unlikely to happen if you’ll follow the instructions carefully. To know the benefits and disadvantages of rooting, click here. ROOT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

We will be using UnlockRoot for this rooting tutorial but before anything else, download it here. Alright, let’s start.


** Make sure you have your phone’s USB drivers are installed. It is automatically installed if you plug your device via USB.

1. Do this before plugging your device. Click Start > Run > regedit > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft >Windows > CurrentVersion.

2. Click on Device Path and then copy the current value on Notepad (we will restore it later). Now, clear it.

3. Install UnlockRoot.

4. After Installation, launch it and connect your MyPhone A618TV Duo using the microUSB cable (make sure you have enabled USB debugging in Settings).

5. Click ROOT! It will prompt you to install a battery saver but I opted out (install it as you wish).

6. Wait for the process to finish and your MyPhone A618 TV Duo will reboot.

7. Check if you have a SuperUser Icon on your App drawer.

8. Congratulations! You’re MyPhone A618 is now ROOTED!

9. Put the default value of Device Path back and your done.

How to root MyPhone A618rooting MyPhone A618

If you have any questions on how to root MyPhone A618, kindly post it on the comments section below and I’ll try to help.


  • Niel

    Sir Ako po to ulit>>

    BAt pag ginagawa ko yung step 1 e2ng lumalabas:Cannot Import> Opening file??

    • Which OS are you using? I’m using Windows 7.

      • Jhon

        sir, pa post nmn po kung pano mag install ng new rom d2 sa A618

        • oo nga po paki post naman po kung ano ung compatible sa phone at kung paano i-install sa A618…. Thank you po

  • Bryan

    Sir which one would you prefer, the black or the white one. Im planning to buy this but im so confuse with the color. :-)

  • rogene

    gud day.the phone storage of my phone a618 tv duo is easy to full.I can’t enjoy using facebook and other internet services because of lock storage.what should be the best thing to do? please help me.thank you.

    • nedisaiahpalacios

      kung may sd card ka, i-lipat mo ang mga app’s cache sa sd punta lang sa settings > applications or may mga apps na apps2sd or link2sd na pwede ilipat sa sd

  • myphone user

    failed to get root sakin

    bkit ganun?

    failed to get shell sabi.. ayaw mag debugg bka debug mode nman yung phone ko.. p help pls.

  • Sana po meron nlng kayo pay service pra mag root… mahirap xe pag wala ka alam sa mga OS na yan..i’d better pay kaysa ako ang gagawa…pwede po ba ipgawa nmin sa inyo, magbabayad nlng po ako…. im sick of this low memory problem na to sa A 618 ko….

    • nedisaiahpalacios

      bbli ka nlng ng sd, yan ang solution mo at tsaka baka si NoyPiGeek ay umayaw din sa bayad diba

  • Mhay

    ask lang po about sa pag root.. ung na dl ko po kasi na unlock root mabagal ba talaga ito mag.install? ang tagal po kasi kaya hesitant me ipatuloy.,..

  • kainiixx mg root … hndi mdetect ung cp ko…

    meron puu b kaung rooting center ???

    • carl

      naroot mo na po?

  • ask ko lang po pwede po ba ito install ng ibang custom rom gaya ng cyanogen?

  • paki sagot naman mga tanong namin

  • myphone user

    FAILED TO GET SHELL ROOT… ANG nangyari… help naman..

  • sno naka succesfuls sa pag root?

  • I have a problem, I rooted my phone and downloaded Link2SD . It worked well for awhile, i have 40MB free internal memory, but suddenly it restarted all by itself, then it seems that my Link2SD did not work anymore. i now have LOW PHONE MEMORY.

    I have reinstalled my Link2SD, and even re-partitioned my SD card. But again, the problems still bugs me. The same pattern, it restarts and gives me the Low Phone Memory Problem. Could you please help ?

  • paul

    sir, bat hindi po nadedetect ng unlockroot yung myphone ko?

  • carl

    ba’t ayaw po magread ng phone sa pc kahit naka usb debug? pls reply

  • Rodel Ayuson

    guys, panu iactive ang passportkeyboard sa my phone a618tv duo?

  • Gale

    pano maglgay ng phone security?

  • ako naroot q a618 q.. nachambahan lang.. dati qnang niruroot phone q kaso failed to get shell root lagi.. sinukuan qna nga eh. kaso kanina pag try q ulit. nagbakasakali lang biglang naroot.. XD

    • carl

      wow. gano katagal ka nghintay? failed to shell root lagi sakin. :(

      • qng pano yung instruction sa taas gnun q din xa gnawa.. sumuko narin aqng iroot un a618 kaso last month ngtry lang ulit aq. bglang naroot..

    • carl

      gano katagal ka naghintay? laging failed to get shell root e

    • jhed

      pano mo po ginawa?

  • carl

    failed to shell root lagi sakin. :(

  • carl

    Laging failed to get shell root. Pano p ‘to? Pahelp naman po ah.

    • baka po hindi pa nainstall ang USB drivers niyo. Naka on po ba yung USB debugging niyo?

      • carl

        Nakainstall po yung USB driver ko at naka on po USB debugging ko pero laging sinasabi na failed to get shell root po eh. Alam niyo po ba yung problema kaya ganun? Salamat po,

  • nash

    wala pa rin failed to get shell root.

    • nash

      paupload ng po ng usb drivers niu. baka sakali yan ang reason kung bakit hindi maroot.

  • cyan

    sucessfully rooted.. sa mga di madetect ng unlockroot yung phone. try nio i-install yung driver ng phone na galing sa cd na kasama sa package ng phone :)

    • ellen

      paturo nman po kung paano

    • Johnry Aclan Acol

      pano??ung driver rar file..pag inextract mo nman wala nmang installer puro files lang??..

  • jhed

    nadedect cp ko kaso laging failed to get shell Root

  • Ron Insigne

    sir bka pde huminge ng driver ng a618 ncra ksi yung cd na kama nung akin plsss

    • Try using Moborobo.

      • neil

        paano po gamitin itong Moborobo

  • joey

    anu mangyayare pag na root?

    mga pre

  • Aaron Tugade

    ayaw nang gumana ng root, failed to get shell root lage result, kahit anong version pa gamitin.

    • check if you have the usb drivers installed. If the problem persists, try it on another computer.

  • jerick

    Excuse me Failed to get shell root …. solution po?

  • Jerick

    Bkt lagi fail to get shell root?

  • kath

    failed to get shell root… ;C 4 na araw naku nag try2x.. failed parin :C

    • Emmalyn

      Ako Rin… panu pu to sir???? Please help po… :(

  • Peter

    No device detected….panu po to sir??

    • Hindi po installed ang USB drivers ng MyPhone niyo.

      • arvin

        pano iinstall ung usb drivers

  • a618 user

    ayw gumana.. ayaw ma.install ng unlockroot,,need pa daw po mgregister.. panu toh??

  • Jeanne

    Can you also make a procedure for rooting A818 slim duo?? please! thanks a lot!!

  • ja capili

    pwede po ba kayo mag post ng video para makita namin kung pano ninyo ni root

  • blink182

    not detected mga sir…..

  • emmalyn123

    Huhuhu :( Bakit palaging failed to get shell root????? Plzzz help naman po…. Gusto ko na talagang iroot tong A618 ko :( Nagtry na rin ako ng superoneclick pero hindi parin… :(

  • Jammem123

    I already followed all the steps, but it still says failed to get shell root… plz help :(

  • Bistren

    ma vo-void ba yung warranty ko kung iro-root ko yung phone ko? Kung oo, meron po bang way na hindi ito ma void? Thanks po! :)

  • na root2. :))

    ako nga stock sa 72% sa pag install ng root2 n yan.. hahaha :))

  • mr.rootbeer

    woohh! shell root. getting pissed :D

  • milo

    Failed to get shell root, please use the service of our professional root!

    lagi i2 lumalabas. help nmn please

  • mirkus

    “root fail,wait next upgrade” how do i do this?

  • dwight

    yeah, failed..

  • wilmar bautista pablo

    wala pong microsoft ung sa local machine

  • wilmar bautista pablo

    panu po i install ung unlockroot