MyPhone New Phone with Premium Finish

As far as releases go, MyPhone tends to space them out a bit. That’s why the possibility of a new release is exciting, especially with the possibility that this might have a more premium feel than any other phone in their lineup. Heck, it might even feel even more premium than anything else from the local phone brands.

The image above was featured on one of the unofficial MyPhone fan pages and is alleged to have a quad core processor and the latest version of Jelly Bean, most likely Jelly Bean 4.2. The admin of the page alleges that they had a hands on session with the new MyPhone Android smartphone. They were told that that it has a sweet feature that can only be found on smartphones from one particular international brand and none from any of the other locally branded smartphones. That feature wasn’t revealed though, but just that bit of information should be enough to keep everyone on their toes in anticipation of this new MyPhone Android flagship.

No detailed specs were revealed, but this is shaping up to be one of the locally branded phones to look out for. So what kind of specs are you hoping for? Hit us in the comments below :)

Update: A credible source has revealed that this new phone will have a 5.7 inch screen.

Update: A credible tipster has pointed out the BLU Life View to be the possible OEM device.

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  1. See how classy it is without that weird map. But let’s see, whoever thought of that might get his way and put that map again in the final version for the market.

    1. This guy has a slight but noticeable pro-China slant, when you read his posts about PH-China relations he always yields to the latter. No wonder he doesn’t want the Philippine map on the phone.

      1. Thank you for reading my posts. I do have a an embroidered Phil. map on my T-shirt. But on a phone, I donno, it is kinda weird. But hey if you like it then good for you. It’s just a matter of taste nothing relevant to my views about Phil-China relations though.