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O+ 8.12 Unboxing and First Impressions


O+ is a new player in our market but they’ve made extensive marketing to get their name out there. I know most of you know the brand already and let me guess it – you’ve heard of them from Eat Bulaga, right? We currently have their flagship smartphone, the O+ 8.12, on hand so let’s start to unbox it!

O+ 8.12 Overview

O+ 8.12 comes in an elegant looking package that’s even better than other big name brands. Even from afar, the classy look of the box will entice you to come and look at it. The O+ name was printed in the front of the box while the back was printed with the device’s specifications and a sticker containing the IMEI information.


Opening the box, we’ll find the O+ 8.12 android phone sitting atop the first layer of the parcel. On the right side, it’s the beautiful earphones with noise-cancelling earbuds.

O+ 8.12 Photos

Moving down further, the charger head and microUSB cable will be seen along with the manuals and service center card. What’s really nice about this whole package is the free 8GB Sandisk microSD card so that you can quickly use the phone and load it with tons of content right after buying the phone.

First Impressions on O+ 8.12

The phone is really well built and has a nice amount of heft that helps in holding it firmly. It feels solid and the small curves are very sweet, making it easier to hold. On the performance side, it’s very responsive and fast that it seamlessly opens any app we want without lags. Thanks to the 1GHz dual-core processor and 1GB of RAM, the experience is very smooth and HD games run really smooth as compared to other competitors with 512MB of RAM.

UPDATE: Read our full review of the O+ 8.12 HERE.

Unboxing video will be uploaded soon.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is its current OS but there is a planned Jelly Bean update for this device. But actually, given its current performance, we don’t really need Jelly Bean that much as it is already smooth as it is. We would still love the upgrade, though.The thing that I love most (for now) about the O+ 8.12 is its scratch and shatter proof display. I’m not careless on my gadgets but that’s a really cool feature to have since we can’t really avoid all accidents that might dent the screen of our much-loved gadgets. With the O+ 8.12, you don’t have to worry about that anymore as it is super tough. Really. We even tried to scratch its screen with a knife in a demo we had before we got the unit and it didn’t even got a single dent.

All the usual connectivity options are here as well so you won’t miss out any feature that you would need. Another interesting is their “Air Shuffle” technology which is regularly showcased at our country’s top noontime show. It’s quite nice but I don’t really use it that much as it is easier to move around by touching the screen itself. But nonetheless, it’s a great tool to show off to your friends.

O+ 8.12 in the flesh

In terms of battery uptime, I’m very impressed so far. I first used it last Saturday morning and it suprisingly lasted for almost three days with light to moderate usage. I mainly used it for some texting, a few minutes of calls, shooting photos via air shuffle (around 60-80 photos), and around 2 hours of Wi-Fi browsing. That’s really nice for a 1850mAh battery, right? However, that is still used as my back up phone back then and it’s just now that I’ve switched to it as my main driver. I’ll give a more detailed info on this on our full review.

Well, that’s it for now but if you want to know more update this smartphone you might want to stay tuned as we will be releasing our full review of the O+ 8.12 android phone next week. If you want to buy this phone already, it’s now available for a price of Php11,999 at O+ stores and retailers nationwide.

* You can check out our comprehensive review of the O Plus  8.12 here.


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