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Cherry Mobile Titan TV Hands-On Preview

When the first leaks of the Burst, Thunder and Titan first came out, it was the Titan TV that easily caught most people’s attention. The Cherry Mobile Titan TV is a phablet of epic proportions, with a screen that is 6 inches in size. It’s really odd and a lot of people might actually think that it would look ridiculous.

Surely a screen of that size should suck the battery dry in no time, right? Well, the Cherry Mobile Titan TV has that covered with a 2,500mAh battery. Not only that, but it is also the first locally branded phone to hit the market with 1GB of RAM.

What’s in the Box?

Box contents of Cherry Mobile Titan TV

So what comes with the box? Well of course, you get the massive Cherry Mobile Titan TV itself, along with a free flip cover that sticks onto the back cover of the phone. No, it’s not a smart cover like the one that came with the original Titan, but at least the phone comes with some sort of protection. Then there’s the Cherry Mobile Titan TV’s antenna, which surprisingly does not come built into the phone but instead comes as an accessory separate from the phone itself. What’s great about the antenna is that it also doubles as a sleek capacitive stylus that can be attached via the lanyard hole on the Titan TV’s flip cover. Finally, there’s the typical headset, charger and USB cable, along with a minimal user manual that no one is likely to read.

The Design


The Cherry Mobile Titan TV that I got has a black face and white back cover. The design from the front is pretty generic. It’s just a rounded rectangle with the capacitive navigation buttons along the bottom and the ear piece, front-facing camera and sensors along the top. From the back and sides though, there’s a lot more to appreciate. The black against white contrasts nicely, and while it may not be the thinnest phone, it’s long enough that it still appears quite sleek.

Apps and Games for Titan TV

First Impressions of the Cherry Mobile Titan TV

I’ve only had the Cherry Mobile Titan TV for a couple of days now, but despite that, there are a few things that should be pointed out about the phone. First, the chipset and basic spec configuration is almost exactly the same as the original Cherry Mobile Titan (check the full review HERE). The only difference is the much-improved camera, the obviously larger screen and analog TV capability. Next is a weird battery issue where the phone issues a warning when the battery starts getting hot, which usually happens during system-intensive processes like gaming. It can be a bit annoying since it never really got as hot as my Cherry Mobile Blaze did, but I’ll live with that kind of warning so at least I know if I’m putting too much strain on the phone. I still don’t like it though.


If you’re looking for a multimedia device first and phone second, the Cherry Mobile Titan TV feels like a good option so far. I’ll continue to use it as my primary phone in the coming days until I have all that I need for my full review, which I’ll be posting on my personal blog. If you’re itching to get one, the Titan TV is already rolling out to CM stores for a price of Php6,999. I’m not sure which ones have the Cherry Mobile Titan TV available yet, but I’ve heard that you can already get it SM Cubao, SM Megamall and SM North Edsa.


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