Our friends from O+ USA just sent us their new affordable Jelly Bean powered smartphone, the O+ 8.52. It’s a very good looking and sleek android phone with an average size to fit in to those who don’t jump into the ‘bigger is better’ hype. Do you want to know what’s inside the box? Check it out after the break.

O+ 8.52 Box

The O+ 8.52 doesn’t have the same packaging as the O+ 8.12, instead it’s housed in a small box with a printed “O+” brand in front. The box still looks elegant despite its unusual design and I must say that it’s really cool. If you have been on an O Plus kiosk before, it’s actually the one beneath the phones on display.

O+ 8.52 Freebies, Accessories

UPDATE: Check out our full review of the O+ 8.52 HERE.

Opening it up reveals the O+ 8.52 on top. Digging down deeper, we’ll find the other accessories. First is the manuals and the Sandisk microSD card and the next set can be found on the lower level. Actually, the box contents is the typical O Plus goodies namely: the android phone, battery, FREE 4GB microSD card, microUSB cable, charger, earphones, manuals, and warranty cards. If you’ve noticed, O+ is generous enough to include a free microSD card in the package so in case you still don’t have funds to buy high capacity sd cards, you can still use it right away and enjoy it without needing anything else. Who doesn’t want to load their android phones with tons of games right after purchasing it?

Box Contents of O Plus 8.52

First Impressions

The O Plus 8.52 is very snappy straight out of the box. It has the same internals like other cheap android phones in the Philippines but it’s surprisingly better. We immediately noticed it after fiddling with it for a while and I believe that we should give credit to Google’s Project Butter for this added smoothness. The 4-inch WVGA IPS display is also great as the colors are vibrant and pretty accurate. Sunlight legibility is okay and since it’s IPS, it’s significantly better than those with TFT screens.

Unboxing O+ 8.52 Price Specs Features

The 1GHz dual-core processor, PowerVR SGX 531 GPU and 512MB RAM combo is getting old already but it’s still a fine duo. With the addition of Jelly Bean, it’s even faster and will bring you the goodness of the new Android version which ICS lacks. One thing that I like most about it so far is the ability to expand the notifications so you can easily see it without needing to go to a certain app. It’s a big time saver for someone like me because I will not be going through the app anymore if I immediately see that the notification is not that importan to look at.

I ran it through AnTuTu Benchmark test and I got a score of 7011. It’s great for its price and it just goes to show that it’s better than other devices which is on the similar price category.

O Plus 8.52 AnTuTu Benchmark Results

Other features that are worth noting are the 5-megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash and VGA front-facing camera. It also has the capability of 720p HD video recording which is a major plus considering its fairly low price tag. I was actually surprised to see that option in the video recorder because I thought that it would pack a 480p quality at best. As far as first impressions go, I could say that this smartphone is a competitive entry to our local market especially because of the Android Jelly Bean OS on-board. The only problem I’m seeing is its mediocre  1450mAh battery but its already more than 24 hours since I opened it and it still has lots of juice left so I’m not gonna draw some conclusions yet until I fully test it on everyday usage.

O+ 8.52 Android Phone

We’ll be using it thoroughly  in the coming weeks to give you a better perspective on how it performs so if you’re interested on this gadget, stay tuned to know our final verdict in our full review. The O+ 8.52 is now available at O Plus Kiosks nationwide and it can be bought for only Php5,999.

UPDATE: You can find our comprehensive review of the O Plus 8.52 HERE.

  • amexguy

    Interesting… will get one soon.

  • The CM Fusion Bolt @ P3,999 is the REAL Affordable Jelly Bean Powered ‘droid.

  • iddc

    does it have a problem with 3g? like the O+ 8.5

    • No problems po.

      What’s your 3G problem on the 8.5?

      • iddc

        thank you for the update, i don’t have an O+ phone at the moment, i’m trying to compare 8.52 and myphone’s A848i in terms of speed, connection (heavy skype user) and durability, it will be hard for me to get repairs since those phones do not exist here in the middle east. i’ve read that most users of 8.5 had problems connecting using 3G, and some have experience factory defects, this is something i cannot afford since i can’t send the phone back from where i am. so far for the A848i i have not ready anything about any defects, let me know if you find any in the 8.52

        • I haven’t encountered any problem so far. If ever I find some, I’ll mention them in our full review. :D

      • wiji

        kuya adam may problem mo yung 3g nung akin, ayw nya pong gumana. plss help po. 0+8.52 po yung model nung akin

    • I have a problem connecting to have data service. I am based in Cebu and after coordinating with them, it is recommended to send it back to Manila thru the the store where i bought it.

      I still have to find time to send it because I like to use it over wifi.

      Just get frustrated only I have to transfer my SBW sim from Galaxy Y ( I use my Galaxy Y exclusively as my wifi router December 2012.. ) when its battery ran out very low only to realized I can not have data service with it.

      I like to use it but frustrated because no local after-sales service when I need one. So, at the moment, I only recommend Myphone because there is a Sony Service Center almost in every major city in the Philippines.

  • nico

    san po nabibili?

  • Rein

    O+ is pathetic. they sell 8.5 as beta release and now we 8.5 users will just be they’re laughing stock for releasing 8.52 with similar specs aside from OS and dual core. i hate you O+! 8.5 users will prove to you that Jb os is just a decoration in a smartphone and dual core is just a mere update to waste more juice in your smartphone!

    • Ryu

      i agree with u man… 8.52 will just use more battery juice spcly with 1450 mAH battery.. while 8.5 has 1500 mAH battery.. thats business strategy from O+ :( sigh…

  • Chad Bee

    Myphone 848i seems to be better and tougher than this, and now on sale for only
    Php 4.5 K

    • iddc

      thanks.. helps me to decide which to get

    • Have you seen this device in person? I have used both. And O Plus 8.52 is already on Jelly Bean whereas A848i is still on ICS.

      Before buying, I would recommend that you check and compare them personally.

    • Christine Mae

      mas maganda O Plus

  • It should come with 1G of ram

    • O+ 8.6 has 1GB of RAM. We’ll post the unboxing this week.

  • How about po dun sa contacts nya and sa messaging kase po sa 8.5 may problems daw po. I’m planning to buy this kind of phone eh

  • ano po ang iniangat nito sa 8.5?

    • O Plus 8.52 has a dual-core CPU and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

  • anung mas maganda yan 8.52 o un 8.75 ??

    • O+ 8.6. We’ll post our unboxing tomorrow or on Saturday.

  • Hannah Kay Montelibano

    can it screen capture? what are the pros and cons of this phone?

  • Larry

    san na po ung review nito? i’m planning to buy one.. and, compared to huawei y300.. which is better?

    • techy_that_is_me :PP

      huawei y300 ata kc wlang gpu to ehh at ang huawei merong gpu at lamang ang huawei sa battery.. pero ang problem ko lng ehh ang o+ is u.s. tpos ang huawei is china kaya sigurado ka talga sa o+… kung sa performance mas maganda ata huawei pero di lng sigurado kc made in chine ehh !!! :))

      • It has the PowerVR SGX531 GPU.

      • john

        ahahahah!!! tomo!

    • We’re still writing the review. It’ll be posted in the coming weeks.

  • jhunie

    my 8.52 po me , pano b yng querty nito dun s messaging, di me sanay pwede b yng shupple pad gaya ng s iba pls reply to whom may it concern

    • You can download other keyboards at the Play Store.

  • Hello? I bought the same unit, O+ 8.52. It was still on when we left the cellphone store, but when I got home, it turned itself off. I didn’t know what happened. When I turned it on, It started bouncy squares but with image like that of a pirated vcd and it just stopped there for 10 seconds. So I turned it off. I thought it needs to be charged right away. So I plugged the cellphone but nothing was seen that indicates it is charging as what the user manual says. 30 minutes had passed since I charged it, but still nothing happened.
    Can you tell me what’s the problem of this unit?

    • Hi, I think your battery was drained. Try to leave it a few more minutes and try to boot it again. If that doesn’t fix it, return it to the store and have it replaced.

  • Mayette

    ano po mas better, 8.5 or 8.52? anu pu ba differnce and bkit mas mura to sa 8.5

    • Hanniel Kidangen

      Diffirence po nya ay ung OS 8.5 ay ICS: ung 8.52 naman JB po sya. sa processor naman the same speed but dual core ung 8.52, single core naman ung isa..

  • thenzio

    kakabili ko lng ng 8.52. oknmn ang ferpormance. 7 out of 10 ang rate ko para dito. the only glitches i saw in this unit is the camera trigger. sana meron shang trigger sa gilid. meron pa plang isa., meron bang GPU ang 8.52? and lastly…. i try to search about video formats na compatible sa pone na to., can please someone do the honor about kung anu anu yung compatible video formats dito?

    • Yes, it has PowerVR SGX531 GPU. You can install MX Player to play almost all video formats.

    • jbrent

      d ba may air shuffle namn 2??

      • Yes, meron po. O+ 8.52 > CM Blaze po para sakin.

        • jbrent

          thanks kasi magkalapit nman yung presyu ng blaze ngaun eh..,.,maydagdag bayad ba yun kung gagawing jellybean?

          • Alin po? Yung Blaze? Wala po ata. Ang 8.52 po Jelly Bean na agad.

          • jbrent

            k thanks .,,.ngaun kami bibili eh,.,sana meron sa sm tarlac,..,.,.,kung wla blaze na lang hehe,..,

  • hiezen

    ilang 8.52 ang ginawa nyo??

  • Honga

    almost all video formats from 3gp – mp4 – vlc

  • jbrent

    qwerty ba ang keypad n2,,may gsensors din po ba?

    • Yes, the default keyboard is QWERTY but you can download a replacement keyboard on Google Play.

      • jbrent

        thanks balak ko kasing bumili nyan eh,.,.d me sanay sa standard

  • jbrent

    may gpu din po ba to?

  • Wala po ba tong camera sa harap? :DD

    • jbrent

      Meron ata.,vga


      yup meron sya VGA only but maganda rin naman yung front camera nya gamit ko tong phone na to maganda :)

  • jbrent

    ba 2?

  • jbrent

    nu mas magandang bilhin i2 o cm blaze???


      mas o+ kana

      the best im using this phone

  • law

    anu po ba mas bette eto pong o+ 8.52 o LG L7 po? :)

    • law


  • Ellaine Oytas


  • I’ve just bought this phone.. ask ko lang kung gano katagal ung initial charge time nitong 8.52. The sales person told me it was 6hrs pero i’m having doubts po.. pls do answer this question immediately I know that “over or under/short” charging the phone on its initial charge will be a big factor for the the phones battery life for regular usage.. thank you

  • edward

    bakit ang bilis ma drain ng baterry ko??.$hours ko nmn itong chinarge tas.1hour lng drained agad?..bakit ganun??

    • john

      mag install ka po ng battery saver!

  • harvey

    Yung mismong phone (O+ 8.52)… Kasinlaki laki lang po ba ng O+ 8.5???

  • harvey

    Yung size ng mismong phone (O+ 8.52) … kasinlaki lng po ba ng O+ 8.5???


      o+ 8.52 4.5inches

  • Jprf31

    Parehas lang po ba ang rooting method ng 8.5 at 8.52?

  • Maddy

    I just don’t like how the screen doesn’t wake up whenever I receive text message (don’t know if it’s just me) but it does on incoming phone calls, but I love this phone so much!!! Temple Run 2 runs well on this device.

    • zel

      download go sms


    im share this experience using this o+ 8.52
    okey sya gamitin the best sya
    daming application na pwede

    ndi sya ma log
    malinaw ang camera
    wag na kayo mag dalawang isip na bumili nito matibay sya promise
    alam nyo po pano ko nasabing matibay?
    kabibili ko lang nung may 16 2013
    and may 17 drop test ko sya dalawang beses vs samsung ace
    nag ka gasgas sya pero walang damage sa phone and system
    yung samsung ace basag yung gilid ang taas po dibdib :D
    share ko lang po yung lock screen ng o+8.52 ko at yung back housing nya

    ASK ko lang po pwede po ba tanggalin yung may na labas pag nag te txt for example nag type kayo ng yo may nalabas sya na you,yours mga ganun po..

    • RihaMinaj

      I’m using it too and I love it!

      First, punta ka sa settings then Language & Input.
      Click mo yung settings ng Android Keyboard, nasa tabi lang niya.
      Turn off mu yung auto-correction then always hide mo yung correction suggestions.

      Di ko rin gusto yun kaya sinet ko sa OFF.
      Sana natulungan kita.


        thank you so much and God bless

        maraming salamat talaga tulong mo minsan kasi nakaka bad trip nag te txt ka ma tap mo lang un tapos kung ano ano na ahah :)

      • john

        tnx na kuha ko na rin ahahah oo msasabi ko masarap gamitin ang O+ 8.52!!!!

    • insane9

      im using 8.52 din maganda talaga sarap gamitin
      ask ko lang san mo nabili ung back cover ng 8.52 mo?


    para sa mga gustong bumili nito wag ng mag dalawang isip pa sarap nya gamitin :)


    pano mag block ng person na nag te txt dito?



    • Analyn Namuco

      Kua alam muna ba qng panu mag block sa O+ 8.52?

  • ZeLLy O.

    hindi po ba mahirap pindutin ang qwerty keypad nya?….may nabasa kasi akong review na mdyo hirap sya kasi sanay sya sa mas malaking screen…hindi po ba maliit ang screen para sa qwerty?thanks…I’m planning to buy this model kasi.. :)

  • rcb

    everything is ok with this phone except for its 3G . does anyone have the same problem? how can we boost its 3G? tried it on all networks but , still the same low 3G signal strength. i really need 3G with my work thanks!


      i suggest to use smart sim ..

      im using sim and a trick to make unli surfing :)

  • onad

    where cn i buy casing or housing for 8.52?

  • Kent

    Bakit madali lang ma lowbat ?

  • chinggay

    pano po pa alisin ang vibration ng keypad every time na magttype ng message? tnx po

  • wiji

    pano po ayusin yung 3g nya? ayaw gumana nung saken e

  • kath

    panu po i-deactivate yung voice message niya? Di ko mahanap sa settings..pls help me kung panu. kahit ano pindutin ko may voice pa rin siya..

    • john

      punta ka sa settings hanapin mo ung accessibility tapos e off mo ung talk back

  • arki_jeff

    may tanung ako.. yung sms limited lang with 450 characters pagkatapos nun nagpapalit na into mms tapos kapag mms na sya nag-error hindi na sya nagsesend. ano kayang problema o may apps b na pangpahaba ng chracters ng sms?

    • Ken

      Download Handcent SMS on the app store. The default messaging feature of Android sucks.

  • Jr Licu

    nag Dl ako ng flappy bird delayed. Dl ako ng zombie tsunami delayed what the prob.? pa help nmn oh

    • john

      delay nga sya,,nd ko rin alam,,haizt! ung flappy bird nga sa cherry mobile saphire ang bilis,,nag tataka ako,,mas mahal pa ung andriod O+ 8.52 ko sa cherry mobile lng na saphire

  • john

    ask lng poh?bkt nd gumagana ang play store sa andriod ko na O+ 8.52,,mataas nmn po ung signal

    • Eilaine Glory Sagun

      hi?pwde po mgtanung paano ko po magagmit ung play store ng o+8.52 kailangan pa ba ng account dun.

  • eilaine

    ask ko lng po?bkt?di po gumagana ang play store ng android ko na 8.52..kailangan pa po ba ng account dun..tnx.

    • Era

      Yes, you’ll need an account. :)

  • micarose

    Good day itatanong cu lng kng pano maretrieve ung attachmentfile ? Dinowload cu kse pero nkalgay cant open this file .. Pano po yun mavview ??

  • Analeah Kawaguchi

    Until now my cellphone Oplus 8.52 lost ,until now I always check my googles my maps until now no answer how my cell one came back again,,becouse my cellphone very important to my life very memorable and my husband first give to me, that’s way until ,who any body came back my cellphone please help me,, all photos very important

  • liao

    Hindi pro ba gumagana sim slot 2 for data connection?

  • Princess Jezcelle Soco Castill

    ano po ba dapat ilagay ko restriction code? Pano po iunlock yun sim slot? di kopo kase magamet yung sim ko T^^T