As a Microsoft Windows power user, one thing I sorely miss from that operating system while I go tinkering about in my Android device is windowed multitasking. Sure, my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 offers a vertical and flexible split-screen feature for multitasking, but very few apps are supported by this feature. The same predicament also exists in Samsung’s other devices that has the feature.

An innovative software development by Rockchip Electronics may soon pave the way for full-fledged multitasking for Android. The software (video demo embedded below) allows simultaneous running of multiple apps in window form, with two and three-finger gestures as the means to adjust position, size, etc.

It’s not yet clear if Rockchip plans to introduce this to all Android devices or just ones that are powered by the ARM processors that they manufactured. Nevertheless, Google really should look into this feature for their future Android OS releases.


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