NewKube is one of the smallest mp3 players I’ve seen in a while. It’s quite simple with its odd box shaped design and while that’s catchy, it does have some drawbacks. Check out our hands-on review of NewKube after the jump.

This NewKube mp3 player comes in variety of colors namely: white, black, and red. The squarish design is comfortable to hold and carry along if there’s a keychain holder available, but unfortunately there’s none.

NewKube mp3 player review

I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and it has been great most of the time. The controls are placed strategically in each side of the box. The Play/Pause button, Next/Back, and VolumeUp/Down are on the first three sides while the Power On/Off/Lock and Shuffle sliders are on one plane.

Price and availability of NewKube

The only thing that worries me is the design itself because it doesn’t feel that good when you’re wearing fitted pants. It can hurt you a little bit if you’re not careful enough. It’s very seldom though.

The NewKube mp3 player comes with a free 2GB microSD to get you started but in case you need more storage for your music, it supports up to 32GB and is easily swappable. I have stored some songs and it played well. The volume is also loud enough to enjoy the music and it worked very well with my a-JAYS One + earphones. It also includes a pair of high quality earphones.

NoypiGeeks featured review - NewKube portable audio player

The uptime was advertised to be up to 6 hours depending on the usage and volume level. While I was using it, it’s about 4-5 hours at best. Fortunately, the charging time is just around an hour or two so it’s not bothering at all.

The unit comes with a microUSB cable so that you can charge it via your computer/laptop. They don’t recommed charging it via a wall outlet USB charger. The device will display a red light when the battery is low and it will turn to blue once it’s full. My only gripe about this is that the blinking LED on the NewKube keeps blinking even when in use so it’s another cause of battery drain which is completely unneeded. They can always make it blink when it’s on the critical level. That way, it will not drain the battery faster.

NewKube MP3 Player

NewKube is a product of Singapore and assembled in Malaysia. It will be available within this week for Php1,599 and it comes with 6-months warranty. You can contact them on their Facebook page here. We will be giving away two units here on NoypiGeeks so stay tuned if you want to win this cool music player.

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