For most audiophiles, you might probably heard of the brand JAYS, an international manufacturer of high-quality earphones. We recently got the a-JAYS One + and we can say that the earphones lived up to our expectations. Check out how good it is by reading our full review after the jump.

The Package and Design

From the packaging of the earphones, it can easily be distinguished as a premium type of headset. The a-JAYS One + earphones is housed in a classy parcel that when opened up, unleashes the manual and the cover of the earphone wires. At the back of the case, we can locate the specifications which are listed in an orderly manner. Also, there is a statement that says “Optimized for Android“. Meaning, it’s mainly intended for consumption of an android user. But that’s not really significant in any way, since it can still be used on almost all devices that has a 3.5mm port. We’ll talk about more on what that statement mean later.

Digging down dipper, we’ll find the a-JAYS One + earphones hidden underneath. There are also several extra earbuds located atop of it. It has a wide array of sizes that’s available for us to choose from and to suit our needs. It includes 4 other buds apart from the pair that’s already in the earphones. For the heavy bass experience, it’s best to put the bigger earbuds to have a surround feel of the audio. If you feel like having a normal feel for everyday usage (the superb bass is still there, mind you), then the small to medium earbuds would suffice that. However, it’s better to fit in the buds which you’ll be most comfortable with. And I bet you won’t have a hard time with that as they’re a good set of silicone buds.

a-JAYS One + Review, Price, Features

The one I got is black in color and it’s the same throughout the body. It has the a-JAYS One + branding printed just below the back of the head of each earphone. The print was placed nicely and it doesn’t look odd (and cheap). a-JAYS One + also features a flat and tangle-free cable that is commonly found in today’s modern earphones simply because they’re easier to be kept – saving us some precious time in fixing the entangled cables. I bet you also had that terrible experience before, right?

Audio Performance

a-JAYS One + Review

Earphones A-JAYS One +

Our ears were very much pleased with the quality that the a-JAYS One + earphones gave us. The treble and bass were pretty much spot on and it’s just a joy to listen to our favorite music through this headset. The earbuds we placed in the earphones we’re immensely impressed in its ability of blocking out sound to take the experience in another level. Since it is in-ear, audio goes out pretty well in almost all instances. There were times that the bass was a bit on the low side but we figured that it was only caused by a different equalizer setting (on another device). The output was considerably loud enough but at times we find it lacking. It doesn’t mean that it’s weak, but we only experienced this in a few players that we tried it on. But that’s actually the fault of the media player because we tried other sets of earphones to confirm the case, and it proved to be true as the same dilemma was there as well. Indeed, the low-end oomph feature that was advertised by JAYS did pan out. The sound isolation was very nice as well and it greatly affected the overall sound quality of this earbuds. When the volume is set to max, I can no longer feel if someone is talking to me or if someone is behind me. When I dropped it to something around the middle of the volume, it still worked beautifully and though I can’t understand what people are saying, I can sense their presence. But I would advise against a full music blast especially if you’re in public or a busy place as it will somehow reduce your ability to hear what’s happening around you. If it’ll be compared to the typical earphones, the sound quality is way ahead by a mile.

JAYS Android app

JAYS Android app

This is what I’m talking about earlier. The reason why this is tagged as “Optimized for Android” is because it has a dedicated android app which can be used to fully-maximize its features. For one, the one and only button can do a variety of actions. What’s best is that you can configure it on your own to satisfy your taste. As the default single press function, it will tell your music player to Play or Pause the current track. If you want to switch to the next song quickly, the double tap action will be the one you need to do. In case you want to go back to the previous track, triple tap the button and it will do so. Interestingly, it can also manipulate the volume levels through the single button. One click plus hold will push the volume upwards while the double click plus hold will decrease the volume until you stop holding it.

If ever you’re enjoying your favorite music and a call pops out, you can still use this earphones’ special button. A click will answer the call while clicking it two consecutive times will either decline or mute it. That’s loads of additional functions in just one button and that’s how we like it.

The JAYS Headset Control android app is FREE and you can download it HERE.

*TIP: Some people reported that it worked on their earphones.

So is a-JAYS One + a good buy?

Yes, it’s actually worth it in a lot of ways. For a set of earphones that cost a little over Php3000, it’ll bring you tons of functionality to utilize. It’s quite expensive, I know, but this product was never targeted to ordinary consumers in mind. Instead, it’s made for audiophiles who want awesome-sounding music in their ears and at the same time, keeping the stylish design that will make you confident of wearing it in public.

a-JAYS One + Technical Specs

  • 8.6mm dynamic speaker
  • -40dB @ 2kHz
  • 95 dB @ 1kHz
  • 16 Ohm @ 1kHz
  • Freq: 20Hz-18kHz
  • 115cm (45 in) cable
  • Weight: 14g
  • Silver-plated 3.5mm plug

It is also a great product to use on Android phones and tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, or even an iPad! This can also be a good addition to your Nexus 7 accessories or as a replacement for the crappy earphones that’s included in the package of your smartphones. But then again, please don’t use it for a full blast music listening when in public as that might get you in trouble.

You can find a-JAYS One + in Power Mac Center, Astro Plus, Astro Vision, and online stores with a price of around Php2800-Php3100.

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