The first ever drop test of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is finally here. Android Authority had the privilege to be the first one to hurt the giant phablet in a 3-minute video. The drop test was made to be as close as it can get on a regular use so they churned out several drops with heights ranging from 2ft to 5ft.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t do well in its drop test face-off against the iPhone 5 because of their different drop angles and weight so its interesting to know how would Galaxy Note 2 take the hit, right? If you still haven’t seen the video, head on to this link and watch it. If you’re not interested between the battle of those two, then go ahead and check this Galaxy Note 2 video.

Galaxy Note 2 Drop Test Video

Did the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 impressed you? The battery and cover were always being thrown out once it hits the floor but I think that’s natural since it is designed to be removable. Other than that, I can safely say that it did took the hit very well because it only suffered from minor scratches.


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  1. i just purchased mine 3 days ago and accidentally dropped it.. a 2 dot dead-pixel suddenly appeared.. but it is still working well..