Oh boy, this is it. The first benchmark results of the Exynos 5 Octa version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally here. How does the “Octa-core” variant fare on other flagship smartphones this year? Check out the results and see for yourself how fast this beast is.

International technology websites have already tested the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 powered Galaxy S4 and it produced very impressive scores. However, the Exynos 5 Octa version looks a tad better than the other. Sammobile, a website known for releasing early Samsung-related leaks and rumors, already have a Galaxy S4 unit with them and they’ve tested it on two of the most popular benchmark applications on android – Quadrant and AnTuTu.


“We are just BLOWN away from the results we got”, said Sammobile. We actually share the same sentiments because these results are really that impressive because it crushed every other device – including the HTC One (scored 22,678 according to GSMArena) and Sony Xperia Z.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 scored a staggering 12,726 on Quadrant and 27,417 on AnTuTu. Still not convinced? Take a look at this chart made by Android Authority to give you a better perspective on the results. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (read our review here), which is the best Samsung device before the S4 was smoked completely. Please note that the 25,900 score is based on the Snapdragon 600 variant of the S4.

Looks great, right? Well, the Galaxy S4 will not be out until the end of April so we’re guessing that there will still be tweaks here and there on the final retail version of the phone. We can probably expect a more polished software and optimizations from Samsung by then.

Will you buy the Galaxy S4 once it comes out in the Philippines?

[Source: Sammobile | Via: Android Authority, Image Credit]

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  1. hi noypigeeks.

    i have to say impressive scores, almost 3x faster than old quadcore phones. But do people really need that amount of power on a phone? They are impressive, yes, but are they really necessary? Well in todays market where almost all the apps in the play store can run on dual core devices. i have to say, not yet.

    Anyway if i had to pick on which new smart phone i would buy, i would take the htc one. Don’t get me wrong i love the s3. When i first heard of the s3, i was like “i wish i had 30k in my pocket right now”. The idea of a quad core chip on a phone was so insane back then that people just bought the phone out of curiosity. (I bought it to be able say, “pare quad core phone ko, mas mabilis pa to sa pc mo” to my friends, and because the s3 was a really nice phone.) But honestly when i heard of the s4 “i was like pfffft… its an s3 on steroids”. Why? Well aside from looking almost identical to the s3 (samsung ran out of design ideas) the octa core for me is a con, (though phones today dont really need 8 cores) it is used to lure people into thinking its a genuine octa core phone. Its a 4+4 chip and they borrowed the idea from the tegra 3 processor which ran on a more sensible 4+1 config. And besides why put 2 quadcores? Why not a 4+2? Or a 4+1 like the tegra chip? If the aim is to save power then why put another quadcore? Im no tech guru but it seems to me samsung only put another quadcore chip to label their new phone “octa core”. Anyway my point is samsung failed to put something new on the table and this is the reason why im picking the htc one. htc says their phone is a quad core, and it is, (not a phoney octa core) and has something new to offer, its camera, which they call a 4 ultrapixel camera. Plus it looks way better than the s4.

    1. In the first place… Benchmark is not necessary… But it will show what phones have a more potential to run a more powerful version of Android in the future…

      Second, the low powered Tegra chip that is available in Tegra 3 only run when the phone is on rest… The quad core is running when the phone is running… While the Octa core is running the low powered cores even on tasks… Why Samsung put a quad core? Because, when you run light and moderate tasks, a single core and even dual core is not enough (especially on games)… And also, Cortex-A7 that is present in the Octa core is more efficient than Cortex-A9… So Samsung decided to put those processors because it is more efficient, so it is not a problem to put it on many cores on a processor… You will also benefit from the same performance for less power than the Quad core Cortex-A9 on S3…

      Third, I know that Megapixel count battle is almost useless… But the Ultrapixel camera is not really better than the camera present on other flagship phones… Many reviewer said that the Xperia Z’s and the S4’s camera is better than the camera than is present in HTC One… Even it has better low light performance than the other phones and it has OIS, the 4 Megapixels is not really enough… Also, some reviewers said that the Xperia Z and S4 is better on low light performance than the HTC One…

      If you are talking about the design, it is subjective, so it is ok… But the removable battery cover… and the Micro SD slot on S4 is its advantage… But HTC One is also good… Especially, its design, it looks more premium than S4, but it does not mean that it is more solid than S4…

      I also think that the Ultrapixel is just like the Octa core marketing…

      Anyways, it is ok to choose any of them…