After the long wait, the most celebrated running game finally reached the Windows Phone Store. Temple Run has been enjoyed by millions of iOS and Android users but this time Imangi Studios will be sharing some love on Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, they didn’t skipped this and go directly with the sequel.

The Temple Run launched today is the original version which was released on iOS way back in 2011. It would have been great if they just opted for the Temple Run 2 because it’s significantly better than it’s predecessor. Anyhow, this release is better than nothing and it just shows that Microsoft is committed in working and helping developers push their apps towards the Windows Phone marketplace.

Temple Run Windows Phone

As a refresher, Temple Run will make you “race over obstacles and whip around corners on a pathway resembling China’s Great Wall, all on your way to capturing hidden treasure”, Microsoft said. Players should collect coins and buy power ups to help aid them as they run for their lives in the endless running gameplay they’re in. I bet you already know the basics, right?

If you’re wondering how Windows Phone 8 is doing, Microsoft’s Michael Stroh said in a blog post that “New Windows Phone 8-compatible gaming engines make it much easier for programmers to quickly create Windows Phone versions of their Android and iOS games, so keep you eye on the Store in the months ahead for even more great titles to arrive”.

I know many people who are afraid to jump to Windows Phone primarily because of the lack of popular apps and games that they used to enjoy on both Android and iOS. But if they will continue to get popular titles on their app store, then we can expect a growth on WP 8 users. Windows Phone 8 is a very promising platform and all they really need are apps and games – without it, it’ll be somewhat boring at times. I’m hoping to see Subway Surfers and other great games make their way on the Windows Phone App store soon.

You can download Temple Run for Windows Phone 8 HERE.


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