In our everyday lives, we all encounter at least one fanboy that praises their smartphone like there is no tomorrow. We found several videos that talk about this issue and it’s really funny that’s why we’re sharing it here. Check them out after the jump.

Let’s face it, every smartphone today have their own set of flaws, and the cycle will just continue because there’s no such thing as perfect. Competition drives the manufacturers crazy and that’s a good thing because the consumers benefit from all the development they do just to take the lead from each other. We’ve been seeing ridiculous upgrade on specifications on some android devices lately and they’ve been a huge benefit for the people, though some features doesn’t make sense at all.

These videos were created by Scotty321 and MobilePhoneFinder of YouTube and it was posted late last year. I know some of you already know these videos, but for the sake of others, let’s feature it. I won’t spoil anything and just watch the videos embedded below for a good laugh.

Whether we like it or not, we have to agree on some of their demonstrations as they really happen in real life. Did these videos made you laugh? Do you agree on their arguments? Let us know what you think!

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  1. I don’t know who first made these “shit that XXX fanboy say” videos, but I first encountered this on DigitalRev TV channel – Shit that Canon/Nikon Fanboys says and Shit that Sony fanboys says.