Another set of MyPhone rumors reached us and this time we have the official photos of the upcoming units. With this development, people will now be able to track down which OEM these phones came from, which will finally lead to the discovery of tweaks and custom ROM developments.

Aside from the recently leaked MyPhone A919i Duo, MyPhone A919 3D, MyPhone A848G Duo, and MyPhone A818G/i, we’ve spotted another droid which is a successor to the successful MyPhone A888 Duo, the MyPhone A888G Duo. And what’s even better is that we now have partial official specs thanks to a leaked document – which I think is intentionally done as it’s still live as of the moment. One of our readers tipped us about this link posted on a Facebook MyPhone user where we found the presentation.

MyPhone A818G Duo: Php3,990

MyPhone A818G Duo

 MyPhone A818i Duo: Php2,990

MyPhone A818i Duo

MyPhone A848G Duo: Php4,990

MyPhone A848G Duo

MyPhone A848S Duo: Php5,999

MyPhone A848S Duo

MyPhone A888G Duo: Php5,990

MyPhone A888G Duo

MyPhone A919 3D Duo: Php7,390

MyPhone A919 3D

MyPhone A919i Duo: Php9,590

MyPhone A919i Duo

The partial specs of these devices were also on the said presentation and our posted specs that was confirmed by our reliable source inside MyPhone were spot on. If you want to know more about the MyPhone A848G, A818G/i, you can check their specs HERE. In case you want to see the whole presentation I’ve embedded it below.

We’ll be giving you more coverage as soon as we receive official details from MyPhone. What do you guys think? Do this presentation look convincing enough? Let me know what you think!

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  1. wow! move over diamond and omega HD, quad core jellybean phone na:) (but for additional dough too ) dito na:)