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Starmobile Turbo Gets Leaked with 5″ HD Scratch Resistant Screen at Php5,990!


While Starmobile smartphones have typically been more expensive than a few other local brands, many of their new phones have been making a push at the lower end of the pricing spectrum. In fact, another upcoming phone, the Starmobile Turbo will be following the trend, featuring a 5 inch HD scratch-resistant screen and 12mp BSI camera for just Php5,990!

Starmobile Turbo Leak

Right now, the Starmobile Turbo is just a rumor, although this leaked image is as convincing as it gets. If the leaked image is to be believed, we’ll soon see a fairly decent phone at a great price point. Keep in mind that while other local brands have managed to deliver phones with 5 inch HD screens and the same quad core CPU for less, none of the currently come with BOTH a scratch-resistant screen AND a 12mp BSI camera.

Hopefully, the Starmobile Turbo will turn out to be a rumor that comes true. And maybe a few of the other budget brands will come out with similar phones within the same price range so budget-minded consumers have more to compare before buying.

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