Link2SD is an android application by Bulent Akpinar that lets you move apps and games to the 2nd partition of your SD card. Why do we have to use Link2SD when Froyo and Gingerbread’s Native Apps2sd moves the files to the SD card? Native apps2sd only moves the apk file of the application leaving other files in internal memory thus you still have to manage your on-board memory and limit your choice of apps because it will eat up your memory and later on you cannot install any files anymore. Additionally, widgets and some applications are not intended to be moved to the SD card. However, Link2SD is only for root users because it is required that your phone is rooted.


The idea behind the application is the same. But Link2SD has more relevant features which the Native Apps2sd lacked giving Android 1.5 and up users the chance to have a taste of what it’s like to have a big phone memory. Additional features were added by the developer to furher optimize the usage of android devices. By using Link2SD, you can move not only the application file, but also  the dalvic-cache and libray files of the application. This means that data will be the only one left to consume your internal memory thus installing applications and games would be easier because you can install anything you want without worrying about the famous low memory problem. Furthermore, Link2sd covers all files even moving widgets and the unmoveable applications to the 2nd partition of your SD card.

This is a step by step guide on how you can run Link2SD on your device. This tutorial will work for both stock and cutom ROMs. For ClockWorkMod Recovery users, you can check the other guide below. Follow all the instructions carefully to eliminate possible problems.

  1. First you have to download Mini Tool Partition Wizard Manager. You can download it HERE.
  2. Insert your SD card to a card reader and open it on your computer.
  3. Back up all your files to the computer because partitioning will wipe your data.
  4. Open Mini Tool in your computer. Locate your SD card (be careful in choosing and make sure not to choose the drive of your computer)
  5. Right click and choose Delete.link2sd 3
  6. Right click on it again and choose Create New. Create “FAT32” partition (This is where all your media files will go. Be sure to make it bigger than the 2nd part)
  7. Select “Create as: PRIMARY” link2sd 4
  8. Next, create an ext2/ext3/ext4 partition (if you’re on stock ROM, choose ext2). This is where your apps will go. I suggest a value of 512Mb or 1Gb would be big enough but if you insist you can go as high as 2Gb.
  9. Select “Create As: PRIMARY” (make sure that it is both set to primary because it will not work if it is not set to primary) link2sd 5
  10. Click the “Apply” button on the top left corner and wait for it to finish the process. Done.
  11. Put back your SD card to your phone and switch it on.
  12. Download and install Link2sd from Google Play Store.
  13. Open Link2sd. You will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 and FAT32. Select ext2. link2sd 6
  14. It will say mount script created. Reboot your phone now.
  15. Open link2sd and if the message doesn’t show up, you succeded.
  16. Go to Link2sd>Settings>check the autolink (to automatically move apps upon installation)
  17. If you already have some apps, select “move to phone” then after moving select “Create Link” (be sure to check the three files: app, dalvic-cache and library files)
  18. link2sd 2link2sd
  19. To check your memory, select “Storage Info”. This will show you the current state of your internal memory, FAT32, and ext2 partition.                                                                                             link2sd 7
  20. Now you’re done and ready to install vast amount of applications as you wish!
NOTE: You can also use the instructions above. This guide will work on both stock and custom ROMs.
  1. Back up all your files to your computer. Partitioning wipes the files of your SD card.
  2. Go into recovery mode
  3. Select “Advanced”
  4. Select “Partition SD card”
  5. Choose your SD-ext size (if you’re using a 2Gb SD card, choose 512Mb. If your SD card is 4Gb or greater, you can choose 1024Mb)
  6. Select 0 swap
  7. Wait for the process to finish. Reboot.
  8. Download and install Link2SD from Google Play Store.
  9. Open Link2SD you will be prompted to choose between ext2, ext3, ext4 or FAT32. Choose ext4.
  10. Follow instructions number 14-20. DONE!

Having troubles? Feel free to comment and post your questions below. Enjoy! :)

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  1. I followed your directions as above but now my SD card is damaged and won’t even mount!…

  2. Im getting stuck. I got an error using ext2 so I was told to use ext 4. Now it tells me that mount error because cannot SU. But i already gave link2sd permission when I rebooted the phone.

  3. link2sd could not obtain root access. if you have root access make sure you respond “Allow or “grant” to the superuser request. i am check my supersu app i have grant link2sd app & i also have root access plz tell me how to solved this probelm in link2sd app

  4. Is there an updated version of this tutorial? I have a Moto E 2nd gen and there have been enough changes with Lollipop that the steps are no longer 100% accurate. I’m having a helluva time getting this to work as it should.

  5. When I try this I get Mount script cannot be created. mount: invalid argument.

    In a post about 5 months ago you state “start up links2sd (it has to be the Links2SDPlus) donation version” .. so is that why so many of us are struggling to get this to work? I’d rather prove it works before parting with any cash! unless I get me donation back when it doesn’t!

  6. I rooted my phone and used Aparted to create two partitions on my 32GB SD card. I used Aparted as opposed to the Mini Tool Partition Wizard Manager because I don’t have a conventional PC…I have a ChromeBook which doesn’t allow .exe files to be installed. I had SOME issues with Aparted in that for some reason I wasn’t allowed to create an Ext 2, 3, or 4 partition so I created two FAT32 partitions. There a a number of apps I am using that will not allow the data to be installed on the 2nd FAT32 partition. They require an Ext partition. Has anyone experienced this or have an alternative app for me to use to create the partitions?

  7. If I wanna send these 2.5 GB of map files (which must be accessible to the app) along can I do that with the pro version’s “Link Internal Data”? Internal data, sounds promising, but will it allow this move? I have already set up my external partition to over 4GB in anticipation of doing this. It will be a disappointment if I find out there is no way to attatch these huge files and send them into that partition.

  8. the other thing is I believe you can up the system memory just like you would in linux right? i.o.w. create a 3rd partition and format it as swap? would this work?

  9. ok so I think I got everything right, only thing is when I try and do some changes I am not sure whether to move an app first and then link it or just link it or just move it?
    does it matter? anyway it is not fail safe atm??? I seemed to have come up against a wall as I too am getting the: “Failure” Links2SD package invalid error message for any attempts to link dalvik cache on all apps and then on some apps even when I try to move them to sd card the same thing so have you got a bug in your mount scripts or what? let me know please? I am on motorola moto g 2nd gen LTE (uk) rooted with chainfires SU and the TWRPs Titan Recovery supplied via XDA! I’m using a Sandisk class 10 32GB microsdcard as my external SD, everything went fine with setup or did it? any ideas anyone?