Nokia Normandy

Not too long ago, we featured a leak of a seemingly-impossible Android-based device from Nokia. Code named “Normandy”, we thought that we’d never see this phone’s light of day, what with Nokia being part of Microsoft now and all. But now, it seems that we might see this phone come to fruition after all! There are not one, but two leaks that can lend credence to this!

The first one is from @evleaks, the god of Tech Leaks, showing us shots of the user interface (see above). It does seem like a forked (a.k.a. heavily skinned, for those unfamiliar with the term) version of Android, a la Amazon’s Kindle OS. It shows just one button (the big back button at the lower middle), making it more comparable to the Asha line, which is Nokia‘s budget line for smartphones.

The next leak corroborates the Normandy’s budget feel via GSM Arena’s leak of an AnTuTu benchmark of a Nokia device (Nokia RM-980 A110) sporting Android 4.4.1 OS!


From these leaks, here’s what we can scrounge up spec-wise: 4″ screen with FWVGA screen resolution (854 x 480), 5MP rear camera, Android 4.4.1 KitKat, and an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

If you think about it, the Normandy code name is particularly apt if this phone pushes through. The Normandy Campaign is the biggest Allied operation against the Nazi Germany and is the pivotal point of the whole war culminating with the Allies’ victory. Not that I’m saying that Nokia will win out eventually, but by having an Android-based device, this might be a turning point for Nokia to gain a much needed bigger foothold in the smartphone arena. Personally, I’m absolutely psyched about this! If this comes with the uber excellent Nokia Here, then I’ll be “upgrading” my Lumia 620 to this! And who knows, if the line becomes successful, then we might see an Android-based Lumia. This year may be the year when dreams turn to reality after all!

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  1. NOKIA just don’t get it, what people actually WANT is their ”Pureview” Technology baked in an Android Operating System, the Normandy will be just another overpriced, underspec’d POS.

    This is just MEH …meh meh meh

  2. Who cares. So many Android phones around and new ones sprouting like green grass. What’s so special if it’s Nokia. If it’s about the Finns they’re Finn-ish already, it’s Microsofts’ now. So what’s to be excited about?
    That invasion would likely be a thud than a bang. Dead in the waters before it even reaches land.