A hobby that’s commonly restricted to those with the technical knowledge, custom PC building may eventually be as simple as building objects with Lego construction blocks if Project Christine—Razer’s modular PC design concept—turns into a reality.

As you’ll check in the video below, specific components of the computer (e.g. CPU, GPU, hard disk, RAM) are their own discrete modules that you can simply insert/remove from a central hub. The concept is quite intriguing in that it introduces a very convenient way to upgrade an aging component or boost the computer’s overall performance without buying an entirely new system, two common problems for hardcore gamers and professionals alike.

Best of all, there’s no advanced knowledge involved in this kind of custom PC building. With no messy cables required, the modules can be simply inserted at any PCI-Express backbone in no particular order. Maximum flexibility is what this concept design promises.

Razer Project Christine - profile view

A similar effort by Motorola was also announced in October 2013. Known as Project Ara, it aims to introduce modular hardware into smartphones for better customizations of the parts: CPU, display, keyboard, etc. Both Ara and Christine are still in their early stages, with no guarantee of getting released to the public. It’d be quite awesome if they do, though.

[Source: Razer]

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