Cherry Home is adding another appliance to its growing roster of amenities-related products as it launches the Cherry Electric Kettle.

So, how is Cherry Home selling a product that seems ubiquitous and in a market that has become saturated with them as a household name product?

For Cherry Home, it is Cherry Electric Kettle’s space-saving design and a color scheme that seems to blend perfectly well with any clean, white background—thus, giving every homeowner a reason to easily incorporate it into the kitchen or the storage without a problem.

At only 600mL capacity, the Cherry Electric Kettle is expectedly smaller than the average appliance of its kind. But it also comes with the advantage of being sufficient enough to cater to one’s usual need—say, for adding hot water to an instant cup of noodle, tea, or instant coffee.

Additionally, with a 360-degree Cyclic Feature, the electric kettle heats up quickly—even faster than the average non-electric kettle of the same capacity.

The Cherry Electric Kettle is now available for a price of Php1,099.

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