Known for its prowess in delivering an array of good quality but cheap electronic devices, Cherry Mobile is bringing technology and pets closer together as it ventures to the niche with Cherry Pet.

Cherry Pet is Cherry Mobile’s new marketing initiative as aimed at helping pet owners maintain good responsibility for their beloved animals even when leaving home.

Under the Cherry Pet label, two products are currently in market—the Smart Wi-Fi Feeder and the Smart Fountain


Essentially, dog amenities and technology rolled into one, these devices work seamlessly with any smart technology, like the smartphone.

The Cherry Pet Smart Wi-Fi Feeder gives owners a literal pet feeder that holds 3.7L worth of food—a capacity large enough to feed domesticated pet of all sizes. Infused with modern technology, this contraption provides food to your provide given a set schedule.

But more than just being an automated feeder, the Pet Smart Wi-Fi Feeder also comes with a built-in camera and speaker, too. This gives users the ability to view and interact with their pets when needed.


As pets do not just survive on food, but water as well, the Cherry Pet Smart Fountain makes for another essential aspect of the Cherry Pet endeavor. Like its sibling, Smart Fountain fundamentally works with a timer that delivers drinking water on time. More importantly, it ensures that pets at home will stay hydrated over time. 

Furthermore, the Smart Foundation is designed to filter the water that comes out of it. This guarantees that the pet that drinks from its water is not only hydrated, but is also drinking a truly clean water as well. 

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