Do you ever dream of a future where wires are but a thing of the past, even with our hang-on-the-wall televisions? Well, we might well be on that way as we are finally seeing the debut of the first-ever safe, wireless TV.

Touted as the “World’s First Truly Wireless TV,” Displace unveiled during the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023) its innovative product, which is essentially a self-powered TV, free from any cord, and with an unconventional means of sticking to a wall.

The idea of a wireless TV that sticks so well on a vertical surface outside of the traditional mount might seem farfetched. That is, considering concerns over the safety of the product, especially around falls.

Yet, that is where the innovation with the Displace TV comes from—its unconventional approach brought with it new technologies and clever design that could potentially change the way televisions are designed from the inside out moving forward.

Without a cord to connect the TV to an active energy source, it’s apparent that Displace TV is made to run on internal batteries by design. This is not new by any means, but it is certainly fresh in typical household television. The genius, therefore, comes from its technology-based sticking and built-in safeguard mechanism to protect the investment.

Via a so-called “proprietary active-loop vacuum technology,” the TV depends on a battery to keep it sticking on a wall that could last for 3 to 10 months at a time. Would that fail or in the instance that the TV was forced to fall off from where it sticks, it would trigger the “advanced wall-sensing algorithms”. It would then kick in the “proprietary self-lowering landing gear system,” which is synonymous with the TV landing in an abseil fashion, protecting it from potential physical damage.

Everything just simply sounds bizarre on paper. But then again, are not any other innovations themselves?

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