Xiaomi is making cooking easier and convenient for Pinoys as it launches the Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer.

The Mi Smart Fryer has a volume capacity of 2.6L and features a high-speed circulation technology, ensuring equal dispersion of heat—up to 200 degrees Celsius—that cooks meat by itself, without the need for cooking oil. Inside are multiple layers of non-stick pan that holds the ingredient for air fry cooking. 

Hot enough to boil water at twice the rate on maximum, this appliance remains relatively safe to use and feel externally via temperature protection, which contains the presence of heat within the fryer itself.

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Featuring also touch controls, the Xiaomi appliance responds differently on user command at a touch of a button, the instruction of which is depicted on the LED display.

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Fryer also embodies a minimalist design that makes for a subtle but elegant display in the kitchen.

The product is already available in the Philippines via the Mi Store Viber Community at a price tag of Php2,795.

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