A Swedish machine learning practitioner named Emil Wallner has created an online tool that automatically converts black-and-white images into colorful ones by using artificial intelligence (AI). After uploading a picture, people can choose from a variety of filters or write their own descriptions for the new image.

Palette.fm has developed a custom artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm that helps guide the program’s initial guesses for the colors in a photograph.

Once you’ve uploaded an image, the website provides an estimated description of what the picture is all about. If you don’t like any of the presets, you can use the pencil icon to manually adjust the captions. You can then see the results of your changes by clicking the pencil icon again.

To check if this website works, we decided to take a picture of an apple and remove the color using Canva. After uploading the black-and-white picture, we used the pre-defined filters provided by Palette.fm. Once we chose a suitable filter, we added the description of the objects in the scene and then refined the captions.

As of writing, Pallette.fm is available as an ad-supported free version, but Wallner intends to add a paid version later on. In terms of security, the creator says they “don’t store your images.” However, just like any other online storage provider, no one can really guarantee the safety of your personal data.

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