Ookla, a network analytics firm, said that Smart provided the fastest mobile network connection for Android, Apple, and Samsung users in the Philippines in Q3 of 2022.

According to Ookla, users of the said smartphone platforms and brands got a 34% to 70% faster speeds on Smart’s mobile network compared to Globe. Whether it’s on 4G LTE, 5G, and other network technologies.

Android devices that run on Smart LTE got 59% faster speeds when compared to the competing network.


Meanwhile, Apple devices got 75% faster speeds on all of Smart’s network technologies. That’s 57% on Smart 5G and 56% on Smart 4G LTE.

Meanwhile, Samsung devices that runs on any of Smart’s network technologies are 69% faster than Globe. That’s 58% faster on Smart 4G LTE and 45% on Smart 5G.

In a press release, Smart’s SVP and consumer wireless business-individual head Francis E. Flores said that “speed has always been the key metric of customer experience especially now that all urban areas in the country have mobile coverage. Having the fastest speeds gives Smart subscribers the best customer experience and game-changing advantage as they go about their work or school, grow their business, or enjoy their daily dose of entertainment.”

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