An end of an era. Miniclip, one of the most renowned browser games website enjoyed by millions of millennials during their childhood, said that they are shutting down its servers except those of its current popular titles: 8 Ball Pool and Agario.

The shutting down could be due to the website’s declining daily player count over the years and the shrinking revenue made in web games.


Another big reason for its decline is the tech industry’s push to retire the Adobe Flash Player, which played a key role in Miniclip’s success back in the day.

However, that doesn’t mean the Miniclip will be gone forever. The UK-based company said that they will be shutting down its web games portal and instead will be focusing in mobile games where they saw huge success.

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Miniclip’s mobile games apparently exceeded 4 billion downloads. That includes 8 Ball Pool, Agario, and more.

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