Apex Launcher has updated to version 2.2, bringing with it new visual features that go along with the changes introduced in Android 4.4 KitKat.

Of the many major redesigns in Apex Launcher, perhaps the most significant is the notification/status bar now wielding a transparent look. The scroll indicator (homescreen and drawer), quick search bar, and folders have also changed to conform to the KitKat aesthetics.

Naturally, it’s not just about appearance. Apex Launcher 2.2 also addresses several glitches and bugs, an annoying one of which is disappearing icons/shortcuts. App localization has also improved with updated translations.

Do note that many of Apex Launcher’s features are optimized for newer versions of Android. If you find it lacking, feel free to give your aging Android device a complete KitKat transformation.

[Download link: Play Store]

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