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Clash of Clans: How to link your iOS and Android device

I’ve just started playing Clash of Clans and, so far, I’m really enjoying the game. If you’ve recently switched to Android from an iOS device and want to continue where you left off, there’s an easy way to import your progress.

Importing your Clash of Clans progress is called linking, doing of which is shown below:

  1. In your iOS device, simply go to the settings menu.
  2. Link a Device
  3. This is the OLD DEVICE
  4. I want to link to another device.
  5. Now in your Android device, go to the settings menu.
  6. Link a Device
  7. This is the NEW DEVICE
  8. Enter the link code displayed in your iOS device.

Note that the settings menu is accessible only after you’ve finished playing the tutorial. Since the Android device is presumably where you will import your old game progress, it doesn’t matter what username you chose and the new progress you’ve made—they will be, after all, overwritten by the imported file.

Finally, linking your iOS device with an Android gadget is only done once. Both devices are then synced together, so you can play on either one with your latest progress in the game. Also, linking to a new device no longer works if said device comes with a Town Hall Level 4 or have already made purchases.

The satisfaction of building a great base and the thrill of invading those of other players are opportunities too good to pass up. Indeed it’d be so disappointing if you have to start all over again just because you switched platforms. Luckily, developers these days make great games like Clash of Clans, while not forgetting cross-platform compatibility.

Recently ported to Android just last month, the Clash of Clans app is a free download via the Google Play Store. For those who can afford it or just want to speed things up a little, in-app purchases are also available.


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