In just one month, Harlem Shake, a song by Baauer, sparked a new dance craze that massively exploded and conquered our computer’s monitors. Everyday thousands of short video clips (30 seconds to be exact) were uploaded in Youtube and various video sharing sites that made the popularity of Harlem Shake increase even further.

The craze started last February and with the help of its groovy beats and music, it didn’t take long before people on the web noticed it. More and more videos are becoming viral in social media today and this one is a solid proof on that. If Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on Youtube with over 1 Billion views, then Harlem Shake can be crowned as a dance hit with the most number of different versions all throughout the internet.

Due to the Gangnam Style fever before, a Pinoy parody of the official music video was made and it was starred by Eruption of one of the noontime shows in the country. This time, we already expected that the Harlem Shake won’t be too different. I’ve seen tons of Harlem Shake videos on my Facebook newsfeed and all of them possessed the main characteristic of the craze: One person will dance first and right after the beat pumps up, everyone will go nuts – and the best part of it, is that you can do what you want. You don’t need to be a dancer or anything, it’s all for fun.

Now, to help you create those videos, we’ll introduce an app so that you can focus more on your cool dance steps. Let’s get started.

Harlem Shake Generator For iOS

This app was developed by TouchMiPhone and was optimized to help you create a nice Harlem Shake video without worrying about cutting audio and video clips, syncing of the two video clips, and the noise in the background.


Upon launching the app, you will see that there is an option of recording two videos. According on the Harlem Shake pattern, one person (which usually wears a mask) will be dancing by himself while the others look bored on the first 14 seconds of the song. For the next 15 seconds, everybody will be joining in with their own dance twist that they see fit. The more you shake, the better.

Once you’ve finished recording the two videos, click ‘Create’ to process the final video and by replacing the actual audio with the Harlem Shake song. It can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, or on the apps website right after the process. Have you noticed something weird? Yeah, there’s no Youtube option which is really confusing considering that’s where the Harlem Shake video memes usually get uploaded.

Harlem Shake Generator for iOS is free on Apple’s App Store. You can download it here.

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Harlem Shake Creator For Android


For Android users, Harlem Shake Creator is the equivalent of the app above. It has the same set of options but it’s limited to a few functions. The ‘Lite’ version can only directly upload to Youtube and it has ads. In case you want to save it on your gallery, you need to pay for the full app which costs $0.99.

You can download the Lite version of the Harlem Shake Creator for Android here.

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Now that you already have the tool, why not create some crazy Harlem Shake videos? If you have one to share, you can show it in the comments!


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