Are you unable to find your way in the confusing urban area that is Metro Manila? There’s no shame in that. This metropolitan region is so big that getting lost is inevitable. Fortunately for tourists and newcomers, there’s the new website that can help find the best routes for places.

Using the web app is simple. Just enter your starting point and destination and hit the “Get Route” button. A list of possible routes will be displayed shortly afterward, complete with the total cost for fares. The app automatically searches for the shortest route that requires the least amount of money. Depending on your route, you will be suggested a combination of walking and riding jeepneys, buses, and rail transits.

Commuters who are without an active internet connection to visit can also receive directions via their phones. They simply send the phrase ROUTE origin TO destination to 09998025648. Assuming no server overload, users will then receive a reply for directions.

READ: City gov’t prepares waiting sheds with free Wi-Fi in Manila is a web app developed by Thomas Dy as an entry to the Philippine App Transit Challenge. When more data becomes available, the site will soon have search statistics to display, including the most searched routes, route visualizations, and time-of-day graphs.

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  1. nagtxt ako s mobile number kung paano ako makakapunta sa pupuntahan ko..pero ang reply my problem daw server..huh…hindi functional…