Globe GoUnli30 Robi Domingo and Bianca Gonzales

There is a new breed of subscriber that relies increasingly more on online chat applications like Facebook Messenger and Viber who’ll definitely love Globe’s latest prepaid promo. Globe GoUnli30 was recently revealed a few days ago, giving prepaid subscribers unlimited access to the top mobile chat apps, along with calls and texts for just Php30 for one whole day.

Most telcos would have every reason to be afraid of online messaging apps because they cut into revenues from their calling and texting services. However, Globe didn’t just bundle one or two of these services with GoUnli30, but all of the top internet-enabled chat services. So if you are a  Viber, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Line or KakaoTalk user, you get unlimited access to use these services through GoUnli30, along with unlimited calls to Globe/TM and unlimited texting to all networks. In addition, you can also get unlimited access to your favorite unlimited chat services, minus calling and texting, through Globe UnliChat25.

To subscribe to these services, simply send GoUnli30 or UnliChat25 to 8888. You can also subscribe by dialing *143# and subscribing through the menus there. To learn more about Globe GoUnli30 and UnliChat25, you can visit Globe’s official website.

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