Hoozin is a startup company that was founded with the goal of creating the first mobile application that let’s you “hangout” with your friends. Hoozin is all about having fun with your friends on mobile, its unique and innovative design pattern lets you do just that. Today, the mobile social experience is pretty much the same on every app – a long boring list of messages (feed).

Written words are the narrowest form of communication – In real life we have a lot of sophisticated means of communication, but there is no way to fully express them online, and no way to capture them as a group.


What if you could pop in to your own private room at any time during the day and just hangout with your friends for a while? Nothing too fancy, just to see what’s going on, have a few laughs, joke around then get back to life. Hoozin allows you hangout with your gang on your mobile device anytime, anywhere, and there’s nothing like that now.

The basic form of communication at hoozin remains text messages. However, hoozin is so much different than the messaging applications out there. Hoozin shows the participants in the chat as if they were sitting around a table, and the messages appear in the center like a pile of cards. Each of the participants in the group can always be seen, therefore you can constantly see who’s online, who’s typing, share secrets play the roulette and there are much more cool staff on the way.

  • hooz ‘up’ – Poll your gang on what they want to do when you actually meet
  • hooz ‘feelin’ it – No more lame LOL’s or ROFL’s – show your friends how you feel – laugh, kiss, swat, cheer or burn.
  • hooz’got’game – Old School party games that you can play with all or part of your group – Simon, Red Light Green Light, Follow the Leader and more
  • hooz ‘poppin’ – Show off your swagger – accessorize your avatar, bring on the bling and keep it real.

Endless Possibilities

Hoozin has a Beta version available for iPhone and Android but the full product that will include the animations, games and other features will only be launched in few months.
In the meantime you can sign up to hoozin’s Beta community and be the first to know about updates, ongoing progress and actually influence on how the product evolves, check it HERE.

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  1. This is a great startup! In fact, in such projects, it is important just to be able to properly manage and develop it. For example, do not forget that at a certain stage you need to expand the team, and this can be made easier if you expand your horizons