One of the most popular gaming franchises in the world, Metal Slug, is finally coming to mobile devices.

The Metal Slug: Code J is the game’s mobile adaptation created by Tencent-owned developer TiMi Studios, together with SNK and VNG. And, being one of the biggest mobile games markets in the world, Filipinos are one of the first to test the game.


This alpha test will come in two phases. The first one will be available to play starting July 21 while the second will be on the 26th. Each phase will only accept 2,000 players.

Interested gamers in the Philippines can pre-register for the game through its Facebook page. Players should own an Android smartphone with at least 4GB of RAM and 3GB of storage. The developers will only be accepting sign-ups until July 18, so hurry.


As for the game itself, it is said that the Metal Slug: Code J, or Metal Slug: Awakening as what the official title is rumored to be, will be based heavily on the classic arcade shooter game we all knew and love.


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It will have the classic side-scrolling action with a couple of major upgrades to stay modern, which includes 3D graphics. The game will have new features like double jumping, new items, and tools. It will also have a new Metroidvania-style map layout with different layers and routes.

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