Other than its standard fiber unli plans, the PLDT Fiber Plus subscribers will also get a free speed upgrade.

The PLDT Fiber Plus Plans, which come with up to 5 mesh WiFi points and a landline for unlimited calls to other PLDT landlines, were created for big households or people who want better speed.


With mesh WiFi, you can put access points in different parts of your home to prevent dead spots, resulting in better coverage anywhere you are at home.

For faster connectivity, the Fiber Plus plans just got up to twice the internet speed — all for free without any extra cost. You can check the update speeds below.

PlanPrevious SpeedUpgraded Speed
PLDT Fiber Plus Plan 2399
w/ 3 mesh WiFi
PLDT Fiber Plus Plan 2999
w/ 3 mesh WiFi
PLDT Fiber Plus Plan 1000Mbps
w/ 5 mesh WiFi
(Price upon request)

The same free upgrade can be experienced on the regular PLDT Unli Fiber Plans. For one, the Plan 1699 and 2099 now come with 100Mbps (from 50Mbps) and 200Mbps (from 100Mbps) of speeds, respectively.

New users can experience the speeds once they apply while existing subscribers will have to wait for the speed adjustment if they haven’t gotten it yet. New subscribers can check if PLDT Fiber is available in their area here.

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