Facebook is testing allowing people to create multiple profiles on the platform. To everyone’s surprise, the social media giant is changing its policies on user identity.

Over the past few years, Facebook has been stricter about requiring users to use their “real names.” But with this experiment, Facebook will allow users to create multiple profiles under different nicknames, pseudonyms, or personas.

This means you can have your personal page, your professional page, and your political page all at once. You can also choose to share information with friends and family members separately.

Users who have multiple profiles will only need to sign in using their real names on their main account. Extra profiles will be able to use different identities, as long as they don’t do anything illegal like impersonation or causing harm to others.

Facebook is reportedly trying to improve its image and become more attractive to young users, especially with the explosive growth of TikTok. The company is also planning a major redesign of its app that will emphasize recommendations more and less focus on posts from friends.

Source: Bloomberg

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