Remember the Better Internet Act in 2020? It was meant to improve internet connectivity by imposing minimum download speeds. But it didn’t come to fruition as the bill got mired in the legislative process and failed to make it to law. Bill author Senator Grace Poe, however, is not giving up and has refiled the bill.

Now known as the Senate Bill No. 329 in the incoming 19th Congress, the refiled bill remains largely the same in its objective to give Filipinos access to fast and reliable Internet services.

Specifically, the bill will require service providers like Globe, DITO, and Smart to expand their coverage to unserved and underserved areas while also meeting a certain internet speed threshold.


Under the bill, public telecommunication entities and internet service providers will face a minimum fine of Php200,000 should they fail to comply with the imposed minimum internet speeds. Free internet services, however, are exempt from the speed requirement.

Poe considers the bill a priority, stating that the internet “has become an essential tool to survive and thrive.” Last month, the DICT vowed to give internet access to those in remote areas.


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