PLDT Fiber subscribers, rejoice! One of the leading internet service providers in the Philippines just upgraded its fiber plans with up to twice the speeds.

For one, the base PLDT Fiber Unli Plan 1699, which used to only have 50Mbps speeds, has been upgraded with up to 100Mbps of connectivity.

The Fiber Unli Plan 2099 also got twice the speeds with up to 200Mbps from the previous 100Mbps. Meanwhile, the Fiber Unli Plan 2699 got a 100Mbps speed bump at up to 400Mbps from 300Mbps.

You can check the list of plans and upgraded speeds below.

PlanPrevious SpeedUpgraded Speed
PLDT Fiber Unli Plan 169950Mbps100Mbps
PLDT Fiber Unli Plan 2099100Mbps200Mbps
PLDT Fiber Unli Plan 2699300Mbps400Mbps
PLDT Fiber Unli Plan 1000MBps1000Mbpsn/a

According to some customer reports, the speed adjustment for existing Fiber customers is currently ongoing. That said, give it some time if you haven’t felt the upgrade yet.

Meanwhile, for interested new customers, PLDT recommends that you attach a valid ID with a signature to the application form and prepare your in-house wiring for a seamless installation experience.

Before applying, it is best to first check if PLDT Fiber is available in your area. Here’s how.

This move is PLDT’s answer to the growing competition in the market. Check out the full list of fiber internet plans available in the Philippines.

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  1. Until now of my fiber plan aplication have not upgraded REF nr RUP – 34256. Thanks