Businesses and schools that want to breath new life into their aging computers should check out Google’s ChromeOS Flex.

Now out of beta and ready for a wider release, this new variant of ChromeOS is designed to modernize old devices while still providing the same software experience that Chromebook users enjoy. As a modern operating system, Google claims the ChromeOS Flex can introduce proactive security and productive work experiences on old devices.

Deployment is fast and easy too, as ChromeOS Flex can run and deploy via a USB drive. Network administrators can also install it through the company network and manage network and app policies using the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.

As of July 14, almost 400 models from Acer, HP, Lenovo, and other PC manufacturers are certified to work with Chrome OS Flex. Some Apple iMac and MacBook models are also supported. A few more models are listed as compatible with the operating system with only minor issues to be expected.

Google is also promoting ChromeOS Flex as a sustainable solution for businesses, as upgrading the operating system to increase the lifespan of old devices could lower replacement costs and help reduce global e-waste.

Interested users can take ChromeOS Flex for a test drive via the bootable USB.

Source: Google

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