In the past, navigating new places was a chore. You had to rely on maps and directions from friends and family. Now, you can get directions from an app and strangers who live nearby. Needless to say, Google Maps has revolutionized the way we travel and navigate in unfamiliar places around the world.

With Google Maps, you can find local businesses, restaurants, and attractions. You can even share your location with friends and family. Google Maps has become a social network of some sort where you can connect with others and learn about new places. And because it’s free, everyone can use it anytime, anywhere.

If you want to find a restaurant near your house, you can simply type “restaurants near me” in Google Maps. Then, you’ll see a list of nearby restaurants, along with reviews from other users who have visited each location.

Google Maps Street View privacy problem

But despite all that, Google Maps has a glaring problem.

Inside Google Maps is Street View, which shows 360-degree photos of places you’re searching for. It allows us to get a birds eye view of places we’ve never seen before. We can look around corners, peek over fences, and even zoom in on buildings.


But as amazing as Street View is, it also raises privacy concerns. Some people feel uncomfortable letting Google Maps reveal their homes, and others worry about being photographed without permission. Of course, these are valid concerns because it’s a security risk. 

Google recognized the problem, and it has started to blur out license plates, in addition to military and nuclear facilities. Nowadays, they are also accepting requests from ordinary people to blur out their houses.

If you’re one of those who want to ‘remove’ or blur out their homes in Google Maps, here’s what you should do.

How to remove or blur your house from Google Maps

Step 1: Launch Google Maps or Street View.

Step 2: Enter the address of the property you want to blur out.


Step 3: Click on the Street View photo you want to get removed. Take note that the image should have a face, house, or any identifying information for it to be considered.


Step 4: In the bottom right corner, tap ‘Report a Problem.’


Step 5: Fill out the form and click Submit.


That’s it. You’ve officially requested to get your house removed/blurred on Google Maps. Do you have any questions? Let us know in the comments section below.

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