Nintendo pre-announced and gave sneak previews of their new Wii U Pro Controller earlier than expected as they did it via a presentation before the most anticipated E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) event that will take place in the coming days.


In the sneak peak, they showed the controller accompanied by a  tablet for its display. Actually, the Wii U Pro Controller was already revealed in last year’s E3 but what they showed this time is a much better and completed version.

What are some of its Features?

  • It has the ability to access Miiverse, Nintendo’s social network
  • It has the ability to be a full-featured remote
  • Video chat feature which will enable users to call other users through Nintendo’s network

Apart from that, Nintendo will also cater the traditional gamers a choice by also offering a full-featured that can give the traditional game play of using a controller. The price was still a secret but maybe it will be declared in the upcoming E3. Interestingly, the controller looks very similar to that of the Xbox 360’s. They look identical, really. See the photo below.

Xbox 360 Controller

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