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Most of the time, students spend their time hanging around the web with the popular social networking sites. Everyday, more and more people are getting more attached to Social Networking sites as it is now moving in as one of the primary means of communication of people.Effects of Social Networking Sites Students

Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ were only a few of the tons of the sites out there that caters the need of people. Through Social Media, people has the chance to combine work and relaxation. However, did you ever encounter the question. How do Facebook affect your life? And what is your answer?

What are the benefits a student can get by using Social Networking Sites?  Here are some points:

  • Get in touch with your loved ones, relatives, and  friends
  • Get to know the latest  news and issues
  • Participate in online discussions
  • Communicate with your classmates
  • Be reminded  of assignments, projects, and  quizzes
  • Conduct group meetings for group projects and announcements
  • Get the latest status and messages of your friends through the News  Feed
Obviously, social sites have a lot of uses for people with their exceptional functionalities. Even without meeting in person, people can now interact with each other and make a productive gathering. However, despite the fact that Social Media are extremely helpful, it is still not perfect because there are still some negative points we can encounter while using it.
Hands typing in a laptop

Some of the bad effects are:

  • It invades your privacy
  • It distracts you in everything you do
  • Too much attachment to it may lead to spending too much time in it without doing your tasks
  • There are some wrong information released by unauthorized people that causes fear

The mentioned good and bad effects were only partial and it also varies depending on the person involved. Though some people still makes the best out of Social Media, we can’t still forget the negative side of it. Maybe, we should just ask ourselves on what is our current position in the Social Networking World. The ever-growing technology helps us make our life easier and better but we must be sure that we should treat it with moderation.

For now, ask yourself, are you addicted in Social Networking?

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    1. What do you mean? Published offline (Newspapers and magazines?) ? Not yet. And yes, I am authorized because I wrote this article. You can use it on your research as long as you give credits to this post and website. Thank you. :D

  1. I agree that social network can influence us negatively. I actually one of the people who work and study while facebooking. But It really depends on how the student uses Facebook, how they handle their addiction thingy. It all in us.