After hours of working, I bet you’d like to take a break. How about spending some time playing old-school Super Mario Bros.? There’s no need to grab your vintage Nintendo Famicom console from the attic, because you can play the game right in your favorite web browser.

It’s all thanks to HTML5. Developed by Josh Goldberg, Full Screen Mario is a full version remake of everyone’s number one classic video game. Every aspect of the game is fully replicated: background, animation, sound effects—it’s all there. This is not your average and cheap clone.

Skipping to a certain level is possible thru the Map Select button. If you’ve beaten all Nintendo-made levels and worlds, you can play through random and user-generated maps. You can even create your own obstacle course through the Level Editor and share it with your friends.

Beware, Super Mario Bros. is addictive. Your work may be compromised.

Edit: It seems Full Screen Mario has caught the attention of Nintendo, which is now asking Goldberg to remove the game online due to violation of the Japanese company’s intellectual property rights. Tomonews has the story summarized in one funny animation, posted below:

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