Conspiracy theorists or any security freak will tell you that you’re being watched. Be it by the retailers, data thieves, or even the government, your movements can be tracked by the Wi-Fi of your mobile device. Chainfire’s proof-of-concept app Pry-Fi can help you hide your location.

As discussed into detail by Chainfire (who also discovered a possible root-busting Android update), individuals and companies with prying eyes can easily identify who you are, where you are, and your habits by cross-referencing your Wi-Fi data with other relevant information. From thereon, anything undesirable can happen: unwanted ads, physical theft, identify theft, and so on.

The app Pry-Fi (rooting required) helps avoid such situation by prohibiting your device to broadcast externally its MAC address and known trusted networks that it connected to before. It also changes your MAC address to help disguise your everyday routine and keep your actions untraceable.

[Source: XDA-Developers]
[Download: Play Store]

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