If you own a low-end smartphone with humble hardware and storage space, you might want to check out the new Spotify Lite app.

The Spotify Lite was not just made for device’s with underwhelming hardware, but also for those mobile data-conscious out there.


This lighter version of the popular music streaming app is only 10MB in size, versus the original app that’s around 100MB large. That’s almost 90% smaller and savings for your smartphone’s internal memory.

If you can’t take your music offline, the Spotify Lite app has a Mobile Data monitoring feature, so no surprises if you suddenly ran out of data while streaming. You can even set monthly data limits, just to be safe.


You can obviously see that Spotify made this app for a lot of emerging countries. Other than its storage and data saving features, the app itself will also work well even if you have slow network connection. As per the video ad above, the music can continue playing even when you only have a 2G connection.

Despite how light and efficient it is, it still has the same features that the standard app has. It supports both free and premium accounts, discover music via different playlists, create a playlist yourself, and more.

The new Spotify Lite app is now available for download in tons of countries, especially here in the Philippines, at the Google Play Store.

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