Bandai Namco has confirmed the next entry to their popular fighting game franchise. Tekken 7 takes the fighting scene to a whole new level by using Unreal Engine 4.

Here’s the teaser trailer for your consumption:

It’s too bad the video didn’t reveal much in terms of gameplay. But lore-wise, it’s hinted that this could be the “final battle” between character Kazuya Mishima and his antagonistic father Heichachi. By using Epic Games’ game engine to power the visuals, we can only expect the battles to be awesome.

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We don’t have to wait for long to learn more about Tekken 7, though. More about the game (perhaps the release date and supported platforms) will be revealed at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con next week Friday. Its prequel, Tekken 6, got a generally positive reception but had fierce competition in popularity mainly by Capcom’s Street Fighter IV.

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