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Pinoy Pride: 13 year old gamer takes 3rd place in Tekken global tourney

Every player save two proved no match against a young Filipino in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Global Championship that took place in Seoul, South Korea. Also known under his gaming pseudonym “AK,” Alexander Laverez entered the competition as an unknown player and ended winning third place, just behind two South Korean pro gamers.

Not everyone believed in AK’s gaming capability. According to the pro gaming Mineski website, critics were rather unimpressed when AK became the youngest champion in last year’s Pinoy Gaming Festival for choosing characters that could easily counter whomever his opponents picked.

The tourney in S. Korea, however, implemented a strict rule of using only one tag team of two characters all throughout the tourney. Despite that, AK still beat popular pro players with only Paul and Law.

Laverez’s efforts in the tournament rewarded $1000 cash and a trophy.

[Source: Mineski]


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