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How to set up your own Google+ vanity URL

No longer will Google+ users have to share a long and forgettable URL for friends to find them on the popular alternative to Facebook. The search giant is finally rolling out Google+ vanity URLs to let users customize their profile link.

First things first, Google+ vanity URLs is not readily available for everyone. A personal account must be in good standing and conform to three requirements: at least ten followers/friends, at least one month old, and a profile photo. Local businesses, on the other hand, must be verified first to avail of Google+ custom URLs.

To get your Google+ vanity URLs, simply go to the About tab of your profile and click the “Get” link underneath your elongated Google+ URL. Available names are listed there for you to choose from, all of which you’re allowed to modify with a few alphanumeric characters. Abide the Terms of Service by checking the box and click Change URL. Verify your account if asked.

Once changed, your Google+ vanity URL is permanent. There’s no request available to change it. You can, however, change the capitalization of the URL.

For immediate access and sharing to certain portions of your profile, just use the following links:


Do not omit the + sign.

First made available by Google in August for iconic brands and Hollywood celebrities, the feature is now open for everyone. If, however, you can’t find the link to get a Google+ vanity URL, try checking back a week later.


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