The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt Red and GOG are currently rolling out a campaign that lets console version owners of the game get a free copy on PC. Owners can get another copy of the exact similar version they own from the console (GOTY or regular).

The promo officially started last June 16, 2020 and is valid until June 23, 2020 only.

For either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One owners to claim their privilege for a PC copy, they just have to link their copy to GOG’s recently updated GOG Galaxy 2.0 client.

To do so, interested parties must only have GOG Galaxy 2.0 app installed, run it, go to settings, and choose to connect a corresponding account (Xbox Live or PSN) in it. 


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Once connected, those individuals will therefore see the game appear in the list of “Owned Games” for them to install manually. 

Coincidentally, individuals who also own a copy of the game at Epic Games Store may also claim a second copy of the game in GOG by following the same method.

Unfortunately, due to poor integration with Nintendo, Switch owners are excluded from the promo.

However, not excluding those who already owned the game on GOG, the initiative also rewards pre-existing The Witcher 3 owners in the platform by giving them a code, which they could pass to someone else. 

More than just giving players a chance for another copy of the game they owned in GOG, the offered promo also transfers the player’s progress from the source to continue where they left off.

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