The U.S. government is easing up a bit on its ban and business restrictions on Huawei, now that it’s allowing American companies to work with the Chinese tech giant on setting 5G network standards. 

The move is intended to keep the US on track with what it calls global innovation.

By participating with Huawei, which is the leading company in 5G technologies and advancements (and surpassing the likes of Samsung, Nokia and ZTE), the US can ensure its own companies have a say to what 5G-related tech and activities should be established as international standards. 


Unfortunately, despite the collaboration on 5G standards, Huawei remains prohibited from working with American companies for any other reason due to security concerns and foreign policy.

For smartphone users, this means there will still be no Google services on new Huawei phones, not at least until next year if ever the ban is lifted and not extended.

Source: Reuters

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