Realme is set to introduce the new Realme X3.

The Realme X3‘s existence was confirmed after Realme India and its CEO’s official Twitter accounts teased the release of the device. Although, no official date was revealed.

In fact, no other details about the X3 have been detailed nor leaked. What we know is it’s an addition to Realme’s premium midrange line that consists of devices like the Realme XT and X50 Pro 5G.

It’s also the vanilla version of the X3 SuperZoom that came out in Europe a few weeks ago. That costs EUR49, which is about Php28,000 when directly converted, before taxes and importation costs.

Knowing it’s the sibling of the X3 SuperZoom, it’s safe to say that their specs and features will be similar.

If you want to speculate, know that the SuperZoom model features a Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, 6.6-inch 120Hz display, 12GB of RAM, and of course, a periscope camera with 5x of optical zoom.

Realme X3 SuperZoom

Smartphone naming these days can be a bit awkward. The Realme X3 is either above or below the SuperZoom in terms of pricing.

There’s a chance that the X3 could be more the premium option, since the SuperZoom’s processor makes it look like a delayed device that should have been released before the newer Snapdragon 865 processor was a thing.

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But nonetheless, we’re just speculating here. We’ll have more information once they’re available to stay tuned for that.

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